About CReATE

CReATE-sessionThe Center for Research, Assessment, and Treatment Efficacy (CReATE) is a psychological practice comprised of psychologists and support staff, committed to the provision of data-driven assessment and evaluation and empirically-supported mental health treatment. We provide psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing services to children and adolescents, and young adults (primarily, though also some adults) through our clinic located in downtown Asheville and also to students enrolled in various private schools and therapeutic programs. We also provide clinical training and a research immersion training experience for exceptional graduate students.

The Research Division of CReATE supports the Clinical Division by providing extensive training and ensuring that our psychologists remain current on issues impacting youth and families. The science of psychology, although relatively young, has provided a wealth of data about how individuals grow and develop, acquire skills, cope with stress, and experience joy and well being. Since its inception, a little over one hundred years ago, the science of psychology has become increasingly prepared to answer sophisticated and nuanced questions. Currently, treatment-oriented psychologists have dual roles as scientists and practitioners, possessing the tools needed to examine the effectiveness of services and to utilize research findings, as they become available. However, the field of psychology, like many other sciences is changing rapidly and it is difficult for psychologists to remain current without a system dedicated to scientific literature review, education, and training. CReATE’s Research Division is quite unique and sets CReATE apart from other psychology group practices.

CReATE’s mission is to integrate the disciplines of science and practice. We utilize research findings to direct our approach to the clinical process. Our conceptualization of a client’s needs and our clinical recommendations are firmly grounded in empirical evidence. The dynamic nature of clinical practice requires rigorous scientific evaluation to maintain the effectiveness of services. Thus, the integration of research and practice is a true marriage of disciplines. By merging the principles of good practice with the standards for rigorous scientific research, we provide the highest quality, evidenced-based services and research development to clients.