Research Projects

The research division of CReATE– in collaboration with a team of consulting scientists– offers the most rigorous research consultation available. We work with individual programs to evaluate the effectiveness of their practice, gain a more sophisticated understanding of the population served, and make programmatic changes in areas where treatment appears less effective. We also work with larger companies who aim to launch full research programs, which include a series of multiple studies targeting cumulative systematic questions and generating a more extensive knowledge base. CReATE offers support and guidance for agencies who aspire to quantify an aspect of their work, such as quality assurance reviews or patient satisfaction surveys.

The research team of CReATE will design, implement, and market state-of-the art outcome evaluations—in close collaboration with you and your needs.  Currently, we have multiple projects at various stages of development: a) a prospective, quasi-experimental treatment outcome study which is in data collection, b) dissemination of data from a multi-site clinical trial of substance-abusing young adults, and c) project development and methodological design aimed at measuring skill acquisition for youth on the autism spectrum. These studies are being conducted with scientific consultation from the University of Arkansas at the Arkansas Institute of Developmental Science and the Intervention Sciences Laboratory (see links to both of these laboratories). We also are highly skilled in the dissemination of research findings and thus, can present programmatic outcomes, in multiple venues, including peer-reviewed publications and national conferences. Dr. Lewis, Director of the Research Division has presented data in myriad settings, including the American Psychological Association, the Southeastern Psychological Association, the International Society for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Society for Research on Child Development, Society for Clinical Research, and the Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapies. CReATE also offers a productive writing team who develops and submits manuscripts in reputable scientific journals.

Sample Research Reports

Substance Use and Mental Health Therapeutic Outcome Study

Outcome Study for Red Oak Recovery and The Willows CReATE-Outcome-Report

Advances in Contemporary Reading Instruction

How Brainspring Programs Create Skilled Readers CReATE-ROR-Report

Trauma Informed & Clinically Focused Outcome Study for Women

Research Support for The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® CReATE-Willows-Report

Wilderness Therapy is Effective

Research Support for a Wilderness-based Model of Intervention for Youth CReATE-OBH-Report

Effective Treatment for Substance Abuse & Dependence

Research Support for a Wilderness-based Form of Intervention for Young AdultsCReATE-SUD-Report

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